Aldine Branch Library Collection

Aldine Branch Library Collection

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Branch History


The Aldine School was a Harris County Public Library station from 1921 to 1943.  The school's collection was occasionally removed when too many books were lost. Usually, after a semester without access to the library, enough books were returned that a new collection would be delivered to the school.  After the collection was removed from the school for the final time in 1944, the Aldine community was on the bookmobile route until the early 1950s.


A study commissioned in 1971 identified the Aldine area's significant development since the Houston Intercontinental Airport's opening (now the George Bush Intercontinental Airport).  Construction of the new branch began in 1975. dedication ceremony was held on Saturday, April 3, 1976. 


In August of 1983, Hurricane Alicia caused extensive damage to the branch, and it was closed for repairs. The branch reopened on June 4, 1984.  In 1986, the branch hosted an event with beloved author Judy Blume, who had won the Children's Choice award that year. 


Shortly after the library's 20th anniversary, the county approved a renovation to expand the building.  After 18 months of construction, the renovated 14,000 square foot Aldine Library was re-opened to the public on September 6, 2001.  In 2002, the library partnered with Commissioner El Franco Lee, the Museum of Cultural Arts Houston, and the Greater Greenspoint District to commission a community mosaic for the library.  The mural included work from Reginald Adams and students from nearby Stovall Middle School.

In August 2019, a new interior mural by Houston artist Wiley Robinson was revealed in the children's area.


Further Reading


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The collection includes four scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings and photographs documenting the history of the branch.


Volume 1 (1976-2003) - Focuses on the building's grand opening in 1976 and children's programming in the 1970s. Includes a history of the Aldine Branch.


Volume 2 (1973-2004) - Focuses on the grand opening of the building in 1976, damage from Hurricane Alicia and the recovery process, and photographs from Children's Choice Award winner Judy Blume's visit to the branch in 1986.


Volume 3 (the early 2000s) -Photographs from children's programs.


Volume 4 (the early 2000s) - Photographs of children's and teen programs

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